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Payment Terms:

A required deposit and final guest guarantee must be remitted, and menu selections confirmed at least one week prior to the event.  Payment of any remaining balances is due immediately upon completion of the event in question.

Accepted credit cards

  • Applicable sales taxes will be added to the total fees for all food and rental items.
  • An 20% service fee will be added for all served meals.
  • We accept most major charge cards and corporate accounts are welcomed. 
  • A 12% service charge will be added to any bill not paid in-full within 30 days of the event.  Bills unpaid after 45 days will be subject to additional service charges.

Service Charges:

  • Server(s): $25.00/hour per server, with a four hour minimum (includes serving ware, paper products, buffet linens and decorations).
  • Buffet delivery, setup and pick-up: $35.00 minimum (includes serving ware, paper products, buffet linens and decorations).
  • Disposable deliveries: $20.00 minimum (includes serving ware and paper products).


When a client cancels Creative Catering's services at one week or less prior to the scheduled event starting time, charges based on a percentage of the total event estimate will be incurred by the client according to the following terms:

  • Within 1 week: 15%
  • Within 48 hours: 50%
  • Within 24 hours: 75%
Please review our "DISCLAIMERS, WARRANTIES, LIMITATIONS & LEGAL CONDITIONS" for specific legal information that may apply to services or products provided by Creative Catering Corp.